Bad Parental Behaviour

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Bad Parental Behaviour

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Ya, every sport has them. Misbehaving adults, including coaches.

At a recent OBA kid's tourney I heard of a couple instances of grownups behaving badly. As a referee I don't police the crowd, that's up to the convenor. However we can point out to a convenor that a bad situation is developing and if we know who then let them know.

At one venue someone in the crowd was tooting an air horn only when one team was attempting a free throw. Neither refs or convenor could spot culprit. Convenor went over and issued a cease and desist order to the crowd, I hear. Not sure what was said but apparently ok after that.

Another where a parent believed they could walk on the floor and berate an official. Profanity laced, loud enough for players and everyone to hear. I believe this individual was ejected from gym.

Regardless, it's ridiculous. Especially when you consider this happens even if the players are under 10 years of age. OBA has a behaviour policy but don't think many parents read it. Seen much worse than the two examples I just gave, up to and including threats or assault. I've never been physically assaulted and was threatened with violence once....was given an escort out of the building that day when it was time to go home....seriously.

As a long time referee I have seen many instances of poor judgement by parents. In some cases it seems practically pathological with same people repetitively acting stupid despite any disciplinary punishment received for past misdeeds. I've even witnessed it in recreational house leagues, parents getting on very young officials and walking on floor to protest calls or insult.

And that's a problem. Bad behaviour is making it difficult to recruit new officials. IMHO .... There's a crisis building, more kids playing the game and less people wishing to referee or even making it through a season or two. The ratio isn't good. I'd like to know what a prospective young official thinks when adult fans and coaches cross the line of respect and decency in a game. There's no boards or glass between participants/refs in this game, although I'm sure hockey has same problem.
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Re: Bad Parental Behaviour

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Thanks for all the hard work.

It is a problem that was avoided for a long time, and now it's coming to the forefront.

I know you do your best, but you can also request that these problems are recognized by each club/school etc. The refereeing in Ottawa/East ON is fantastic, and our parents and exec realize how important proper behaviour is. I do believe a zero tolerance mandate is the way forward, but it's up to our organizations to implement/carry through, as it shouldn't be your groups burden (I hope that makes sense).

We're all happy to be back on the court.
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