Operating Guidelines

Operating Guidelines

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Operating Guidelines

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(revised May 30, 2007)

CHT Forum Management

Canadian Hoops Talk (CHT) is a fun, friendly and informative place operated by the Canadian Association of Basketball Coaches (CABC) for its members and other basketball enthusiasts.

Contribute to Forums

Only registered CHT Members may contribute to the forums. In accordance with the CABC's Privacy Policy, personal information provided, in this regard, is confidential.

Activation Problems

Contact the Site Admin (cht_admin@bellnet.ca). State your problem and the username of the account you wish to activate.

Removing/editing Messages

Inappropriate messages will be removed/edited by a board Moderator.

Personal attacks/insults are unproductive and offend many of your fellow CHT Members and Guests.

Attempts to associate "anonymous" usernames with "real life" people are not permitted.

Trolling is not permitted.

Report concerns to (i) a Local Moderator (via PM), (ii) the Global Moderator (via PM), and then (iii) the Site Admin (cht_admin@bellbet.ca). Please be patient awaiting a response.

Local Moderators

CHT Members who reach a minimum number of messages (e.g. 500) may apply to become a Local Moderator by sending a Private Message (PM) to the Global Moderator.

Contact Us

Send inquiries to:

Site Admin (cht_admin@bellnet.ca)


Please help to keep this site a friendly place for all users.

Thanks for your cooperation.